Julian Union High School District's Dress Code Policy
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Julian Union High School District is a place of learning and business. Our school is not the place for “fashion statements”. Student dress and appearance should reflect this philosophy. Students are expected to exercise good judgment regarding their attire and grooming so as not to disrupt the educational environment and to establish a healthy school climate. Clothing must be clean, in good repair, and worn in such a manner as to exercise good taste and not to detract from the learning environment. Students’ attire should be neat, clean, and appropriate for the school setting.
The following are NOT permitted:

1.     Bare feet while at school or school-sponsored activities. Skate shoes, slippers or steel-toed shoes. For safety reasons teachers will require appropriate footwear.
Appropriate footwear would be: tennis shoes, and dress shoes, and sandals.
2.    Exposed midriffs: Tops must be long enough to be tucked in. Halters, backless, strapless, tube top, or spaghetti strap shirts; low cut blouses; any cleavage or see-through clothing. Appropriate tops would only allow the neck, head, and arms below the shoulder to be shown.
3.    Clothing cut in such a way as to display bare skin or underwear. All straps or suspenders will be fastened.
4.    Spiked belts, collars, cuffs, chains, or wallet chains of any length.
5.    Hats/caps worn in the classroom, hallways, or other buildings except as required for health or safety purposes. Headgear, including hat, caps, nets, bandanas, etc., cannot be worn in any building except as required for health or safety purposes.
6.    Slogans or logos, which contain profanity, obscenity, or that advertise or depict cigarettes or tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, or sexual acts. No pride slogans or logos, or language demeaning to any person or group, or anything that is considered by the administration to be in poor taste or demeaning to any person or group, will be displayed on shirts, blouses or articles of clothing.
7.    Pajamas, sleepwear or slippers. (Except when part of approved “spirit day”).
8.    Sagging pants or underwear showing. Pants will be worn at waist.
9.    Men’s sleeveless undershirts.
10.    Any clothing considered gang attire, as determined by administration.
11.    The school administration may disallow other types of clothing that may jeopardize a safe and orderly environment for the students and school staff.

So as to clarify the dress code and make sure expectations are well understood, this next section is provided to take away any misunderstanding.
•    No cleavage may show
•    No bare skin showing the body’s midriff may be seen at any time. Therefore, no see through tops or coverlets which cover a top that would violate this rule.
•    No visible underwear of any kind.
•    Shorts, skirts, and dresses must reach below the end of the fingers when student’s arms are extended at the student’s side.

For each infraction of the dress code, the following procedure should be followed:
•    Student receives a Dress Code Violation Slip from a teacher and comes directly to the office.
•    The student is given “loner clothing” for the remainder of the day. The clothing which caused the infraction will be confiscated and kept until the next day.
•    Students will return the “loner clothing” the next day or the student will be billed $10 for the clothing.

The following consequences will result for each subsequent violation:
1.    On the First offense student receives a warning;
2.    On the Second offense student receives an after school detention.
3.    On the Third offense student receives a Saturday school.
4.    Any subsequent offense will result in suspension.