The PSAT was given on October 17. Score reports will be given out in January. There will be an informational meeting to explain the score reports once they are received. Go to www.collegeboard.com for more details.

The CAHSEE will be given on Nov. 6th and Nov. 7th for any junior or senior who has not yet passed one or both portions. Mrs. Kern has given students information as well as mailed letters home. If you have any questions, please see or call her.

The PLAN will be given to all sophomores on Wednesday, November 14 at school. This test is both practice for the ACT and contains a portion that helps students plan for after high school. For more information, go to http://www.act.org/plan/.

The CAHSEE, California High School Exit Exam, will be given to all sophomores on February 5th and 6th. Attendance by sophomores is important on these dates. All students must pass the exit exam in order to receive a high school diploma. If you have any questions regarding this test, please contact Mrs. Kern.